Analysis of the game Team sonic racing

Sonic is an unfailingly fast-paced character. Either as he runs and jumps, or as he drives all kinds of vehicles (the cinema, we will see how it is given). Although in recent years we have experienced much more its platform side, for example with the excellent Sonic Mania, now it is time to talk about one of those occasions when it is put behind a wheel, although the truth is that it has not done so for a few years now… In particular, it goes to 7 from Sonic & All Star Racing Transformed, for the previous generation of consoles. In particular, touch to talk about Team Sonic Racing, which comes to change, once more the world of the races of the characters of SEGA.

The story of Sonic and the races comes Long, from Game Gear times with the excellent Sonic Drift

To misunderstood games like Saturn’s Sonic R, and coming to great arcade titles like the aforementioned Transformed. Now Sumo Digital has set to work to collect all the automotive legacy (or similar) in the competition games of our favorite blue hedgehog, and to turn it around to keep it up to the Times that are now, while still being novel. The result is Team Sonic Racing, a racing arcade of those in which you have to skid a lot and get the first one, but with the twist that this time it is of paramount importance to work as a team.

In each race we will be seconded by two teammates with whom we will be able to interact to have a little extra help in touring the included circuits. This is reflected in being able to follow the wake of the first member of our team allowing a turbo to be used when leaving. Also, in a way, its possible to use dragon world eggs of dragon world game to boost your game skill tremendously¬† if we run close to a partner who is recovering after a crash, we will give him another push and, if all this is not enough, we will be able to share the attack and defense objects that touch us in the ‘boxes’ scattered around the stage (there are 14 different, and teamwork makes even better objects appear). A shift in capital letters for a genre in which we have traditionally only been concerned with speeding up, skidding and getting to know the circuits to better take advantage of the shortcuts. The twist that is the ‘hardest yet’ is that when we work as a team we will fill up a special turbo taskforce bar, which will turn us into real bullets when we use it when we fill it. That is to say, this time we have many more tools than we have been accustomed to add an extra dose of frantic and, above all, strategy to the arcade racing genre.

This new team dynamic eliminates some of the most celebrated elements of previous Sonic racing titles

It gives the product its own personality… Although if we play alone sometimes we feel that the results of the races do not depend on us, but on a sometimes devilish AI (especially if we raise the difficulty beyond the normal mode, which is quite easy), which plays with our digital peers. This is because to win the races most of the time we have to be part of the team that adds more points… And there’s little point in driving the race and being first if, by chance, a partner ends up last… The small price to pay in this Sonic Racing Team, we assume.

 Sonic Mania

In this way it changes somewhat the way we drive through the circuits, forcing us to constantly look for our companions to receive that extra push on the longest straight, far from the curves that are skid meat. A smart change we liked… But it doesn’t offer much evolution throughout our time with Team Sonic Racing. There are no advanced techniques, and it all translates into making better use of what we already do from the very beginning, making the learning curve stagnate faster than we would like, and leaving room for boredom to pop its little head from time to time.

or we see, for example, in Adventure Mode, which leads us to a succession of trials and worlds of play with a story that doesn’t matter much and revolves around simple trials and tournaments. There are events that somewhat change the face of this part of Team Sonic Racing-and in fact they are the peaks of difficulty of the mode – such as the collection of counter-clock rings , passing through doors scattered through the counter-clock circuit, overtaking robots… Nothing particularly novel, but it does add some of the variety you lack to the tests after a few hours of play. It’s a shame that the teams are pre-set in this part, and that the cut-off scenes are the blandest part of the show. In general this mode is a test bed for Team Sonic Racing multiplayer options, and as such meets, even if it does not get too interesting on its own.

 counter-clock circuit

Part of the blame lies with the cast of 15 different characters included, as beyond the trio protagonist (Sonic, Tails and Knuckles) and Robotnik, there is not much to scratch. Yeah, we miss those characters who came in with the All-Star Colette in earlier Sonic racing games. In addition, the three types of characters are not as different as we would like, and we usually stay with the speed type, which have less defense and worse handling, but they go faster (the other options are technical, which do not suffer in ‘strange’ driving and defense zones). At least the customization of our vehicles is allowed, both visual and performance. It is not that there are infinite variants, but there is a certain variety that, in addition, we will gradually unlock with a random vending machine in which we will spend the coins we win when playing in Team Sonic Racing Modes. We can choose colors, vinyl, tire types, flaps, hood… The changes in performance are subtle, but evident, which will come in handy to adjust the character stats you want.

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